Women & Leadership: Discovering the Aga Khan Museum: In conversation with Pakistan’s Genius Artist – Aisha Khalid


In a series of conversations held by Ismailimail during the inauguration of the Aga Khan Museum while reporting from Toronto, we share an account of the discussion with Aisha Khalid.

“The background is a Mughal garden, which symbolizes heaven … the process of making it was very meditative. It is a real honor to have it permanently displayed at the Aga Khan Museum.”

– Aisha Khalid, Lahore born, Pakistani artist

Aisha Khalid next to "Your Way Begins on the Other Side" Aisha Khalid next to “Your Way Begins on the Other Side”

Ismailimail with the editor of Simerg.com, met  Aisha Khalid at the pre-opening press conference, while taking a break before exploring the temporary exhibit “The Garden of Ideas” on display.

As we sat staring at a huge carpet hanging from the ceiling in the museum’s wide atrium, where light filtered through mashrabiya patterns on the glass walls, we noticed the dual sided tapestry with exquisite design.

As our admiration of the…

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