Minbar of Saladin (Salhuddin Ayyubi) in Al Aqsa Mosque Part 1

For continuation please watch the rest of the parts on you tube. I was fortunate to be a student of Keith Critchlow and was also briefly taught by Sir Christopher Frayling.

mystery of alif – a painting based on sufi text

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Resize of mystery off alifRead only Alif, it will liberate you 
The Alif multiplied and became two. three and four
It multiplied again and became a thousand, a million, a billion.
Then it multiplied itself into an infinite number,
This mystery of Alif is wonderous!

Why do you read bundles of book?
Your head is loaded with sin;
Now you look like a handman,
And the path ahead is hard and arduous!

You become Hafiz and learn the Qur’an by heart,
You purge your tongue by reading its text,
But you fix your attention on the luxury of the world,
You mind wanders like a mad madman.

O Bullah, the seed of the banyan tree was sown,
The tree grew big,
When it died,
The same Single Seed was left over again.

Here is description:The title comes from the poem/Kaafi of Baba Bulleh Shah. Fundamentally, the poem is about the Unity og Knowledge. Here…

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Library Research Guide to Arab Comic Books and Graphic Novels

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In September 2014, the American University in Beirut (AUB) began a new academic program focused entirely on the study, archiving, and promotion of Arab comic art. Now they have an online library guide to take you through the collection:

From majalat.tumblr.com/ From Damluji’s majalat.tumblr.com/

In September of last year, the AUB joined the few other institutions offering degrees and supporting research on comic art. In a Fanar Media report on the new program last fall, comics researcher Nadim Damluji said that Arabic comics have become a vibrant genre.

“I think the art that has been produced post-2000 is as good if not better than similar art produced in the bigger markets of the United States, Europe and Japan,” Damluji told Fanar Media. Yet, despite this, “they are often left out of conversations of the medium in the Western academy.”

Lina Ghaibeh, the initiative’s founding director, who gave the popular talk “Propaganda in…

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