Shalimar Gardens in Lahore: The venue of the first awards of Aga Khan Award for Architecture


Shalimar Gardens in LahoreDid you know that the first awards of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture were presented in a garden?

The first awards of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture were presented at the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore, Pakistan on October 23, 1980. Lahore is an ancient city at the crossroads of trade routes linking India, Afghanistan, Arabia and the Persian Gulf. The first Mughal emperor arrived in Lahore from Central Asia in 1524 and made it his base. Lahore eventually became the capital of the Mughal empire when Emperor Akbar the Great moved his court from Ahmedabad in 1584. The construction of the gardens was initiated in 1620 by Shah Jahan, and was further extended by him when he succeeded his father to the throne of the Mughal Empire.

The Mughals refined the Persian language, literature, miniature paintings, and music. They systemized the educational and cultural traditions, and built magnificent…

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New book: Circulations in the Global History of Art

Journal of Art Historiography

Circulations in the Global History of Art

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Illustrations: Includes 16 b&w illustrations and 8 maps

Published: May 2015

Format: 234 x 156 mm

Extent: 262 pages

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ISBN: 978-1-4724-5456-0

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Edited by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann, Princeton University, USA, Catherine Dossin, Purdue University, USA and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, École normale supérieure, France

Series:Studies in Art Historiography

The project of global art history calls for balanced treatment of artifacts and a unified approach. This volume emphasizes questions of transcultural encounters and exchanges as circulations. It presents a strategy that highlights the processes and connections among cultures, and also responds to the dynamics at work in the current globalized art world.

The editors’ introduction provides an account of the historical background to this approach to global art history, stresses…

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